When you own this potent small 36kW vertical axis wind turbine, your electricity is almost free.  

Sustainable power from wind on your own site...free from the grid.


  Prudencia LLC     

     Cheyenne, Wyoming

 .          ....Think sustainable energy.  

  • Imagine no more electric bill. In many places you can sell your excess power to your local utility company. ​                                         
  • Imagine owning and controlling your own power production capability for only $1,800 per kW, getting it all for $70,000 or less per turbine, shipped and installed.                                                 
  • Imagine the ability to be totally independent of the utility power grid. Using battery backup for days when there's no wind, it can be your choice to be free from the grid.                                        
  • Imagine dramatically reducing your carbon footprint.                                


Prudencia LLC is a green energy company offering extraordinarily potent wind turbines that can operate on or off the utility power grid to produce affordable electricity anywhere light winds blow.  Prudencia is the sales and financing partner of Change Wind Corporation, an American manufacturer whose graceful low-height vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) quietly produce cheap sustainable electricity at low wind velocity,* with no danger to birds, and minimal site or landscape disruption.  (*Start to produce electricity at 6 mph wind speed, optimal at 12 mph.)

Installed in just days these extraordinary turbines can operate on short towers  in most climates with little maintenance.  Generating between 100,000 and 300,000 kWh per year, depending on local wind resource, CWC's 36kW model can power 10 to 30 typical American households.  It can provide full or back-up power to farms, ranches, mines, cell towers, mines, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, factories .... even ocean vessels.   

Although designed to work off the grid, these VAWT's can be linked to the grid to sell electricity to local utilities through net metering (reverse metering) contracts.  When clustered in groups where they feed off each other's wind, or distributed about to reduce need for transmission lines, they can be become proprietary local micro utilities adequate for small communities, independent businesses, or private and governmental institutions.   Electric power produced by the CWC VAWT is not only cheaper than utility electricity, it's also reliable back-up protection against blackouts or interruptions in the power grid. 

CWC's larger model, the 252kW, is designed to be stationed around giant horizontal wind turbines to recycle turbulent breeze created by the turning of large turbine blades, substantially lowering the average cost per kW produced overall, and requiring no extra land or infrastructure.  It's a brilliant way to dramatically increase the output of any existing wind farm with very little added cost.